Pretty much … nothing.


Pretty much … nothing.

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My typical Friday Night

My typical Friday Night

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New Metro Blog: His Last Vow - Magnussen and other dark twists



Here’s our latest blog for Metro UK, our further, deeper, SPOILER-FILLED reaction to Sherlock S3E3 His Last Vow.

Head to the Metro UK website to read the blog.


You may be a book addict if...

  • 1: You spend a lot of money on books. Even at thrift stores and used book stores. You can never get enough.
  • 2: You have bookcases, shelves, or stacks of books EVERYWHERE.
  • 3: Most of those shelves are warped from the weight of all of your books.
  • 4: You can never pass a bookstore or a store with a selection of books without having just. one. glimpse. inside. ("Just one, I swear!")
  • 5: People give you books or giftcards to bookstores as gifts for special events.
  • 6: You ALWAYS have a book with you. Even if it is a huge hardcover edition.
  • 7: You can never stop talking about books. Ever.
  • 8: You occasionally say, "Oh, that movie looks interesting! Better read the book first, since it's probably even better!" Or some variation of that.
  • 9: You proudly show off the fact that you read an incredibly difficult book that not a lot of people have read. Be proud!
  • 10: Your parents have told you to do something social... maybe go outside, see the sun, smell fresh air.
  • 11: You have mastered the "don't-talk-to-me-or-else-you're-dead-to-me" look for people who have boundary issues when you're reading.
  • 12: Sarcasm is occasionally your friend when people say obnoxious things about you reading so much.
  • 13: You salivate over pictures of books. It's okay, we all do it.
  • 14: You can't browse the deals section of a cheap book website because you know you can't really afford it, but you'll shop anyway.
  • 15: One of your goals in life is to have a personal library in your home when you have your own house.
  • 16: The smell of new books, or old books, is something you look forward to.
  • 17: You always take a step back after putting your book haul away and stare at your growing book collection.
  • 18: You basically live at the library, bookstore, or secondhand bookstore closest to your home.
  • 19: You want to marry a book lover, too.
  • 20: You occasionally break into emotional hysterics when reading a really intense book in public.
  • 21: You ask yourself: physical books or ebooks?
  • 22: You need to place a book buying ban on yourself.
  • Have any more? Feel free to add!
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